With YOURLIFECHART.COM the highlights and events of your life are chronicled in several ways: on the YOURLIFECHART.COM poster, in The Life Book, and using The Life App. By simply placing stickers, labels, and your own handwriting corresponding with the date of your life event, you can recall and easily record your memories, with photos, videos, files, and more. For posterity and to preserve your legacy, YOURLIFECHART.COM products make putting your life story in order a simple and enjoyable pursuit.

Recounting the times of your life, will be the time of your life!

The YOURLIFECHART.COM interactive poster is perfect for placing on a door or wall of your home, either in a private place or out there for everyone to see. Take your time, and as you recall special moments, people, jobs, homes, and so much more of your life, then place a label, sticker or note in the designated spot along your personal timeline at the left. The places you've been and the things you've done will slowly cover your poster as key points, and help to fill in your life story. Each order includes three (3) posters in a mailing tube, with instructions and a starter sample of stickers.

YOURLIFECHART.COM Posters (3 in each mailing tube, and stickers) - $15.99

THE LIFE BOOK, personalized and with the pages dated for the years of your life from your birth, you can document your life's highlights with stickers or your own writing. Use it as a journal, a scrapbook, or like a retroactive diary, and record the events of your life's voyage for easy viewing.

The Life Book personalized book (and stickers) - $19.99

The Life App helps you keep track of your pressing needs of the day, and it makes it easy to preserve memories of your life as you recall them from your past. You can post an event on your timeline, and indicate all the details, and you can even save photos, videos and files. And, the daily to-do list helps you keep track of shopping lists and chores and appointments.

The Life App - free with any purchase, or $9.99 stand-alone

The YOURLIFECHART.COM All-Purpose Bluetooth Label Printer allows you to create custom stickers for your posters, for The Life Book, or for any of your household needs, too. A versatile instant printer using wireless Bluetooth technology, it allows you to print photos, images, text, or whatever you want in seconds, right from your phone or any device.

The YOURLIFECHART.COM All-Purpose Bluetooth Label Printer - $35.99

These products have been designed to help people remember and record their life stories, in a fun, easy and relaxed way. Whether you are looking to put things into perspective or want to see if you can find certain connections or patterns throughout your life or the life of someone you love, our products present the perfect way to do it all.

What a great way to show someone how important they are to you. Or, spoil yourself!

You can only get these amazing and unique products from us, so contact us today for more details.

• YOURLIFECHART.COM Posters (3 in each mailing tube, and stickers) - $15.99

• The Life Book personalized book - $19.99

• The Life App - free with any purchase, or $9.99 stand-alone

• The YOURLIFECHART.COM All-Purpose Bluetooth Label Printer - $35.99

Or get the DELUXE PACKAGE - (3 posters, The Life Book, stickers, Bluetooth label printer, and The Life App) - for $52.99


The Life Chart was invented by Christopher Gore and Glenn Meland in Montreal, Quebec, in 1997, as an interactive poster to visually display the memories of one's life. Never really getting off its feet, however, the business was aborted.

But, Gore tinkered with the idea over several years and he re-designed the poster with plastic lamination, added a Bluetooth label-maker to print out the personal events of one's life on stickers, and created the YourLifeChart app to digitally record and preserve the life events as photos, videos and files. So today, in its current iteration, YourLifeChart was launched by Christopher Gore and Golby Games Inc. in 2020.

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